Gravel can be used for a variety of different landscaping projects around the home. If you are interested in using gravel for a landscaping project around your home, give us a call at Sure Shot Trucking, LLC and we will be able to handle any gravel installation needs you may have in Olympia, WA. Gravel installation can take any number of forms, from simple pathways that blend with your lawn or flower bed, to a more detailed rock border installation around the entire property. At Sure Shot Trucking, LLC, we have years of experience with all forms of gravel installation and can get your job done in a timely and efficient manner.

Our conveyor system makes gravel installation simple. We will be able to install the gravel evenly and neatly, taking out the need for additional work after the initial delivery. The conveyer system is an advanced method that can get gravel to wherever you need it and distribute it perfectly. You won"t have to do any extra work like you would with other companies that simply drop the gravel in a pile on your land and leave the rest to you. The conveyor system makes the installation much more convenient and can also save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


Our staff has been dealing with gravel installation projects for years. We have vast knowledge and experience in the field, meaning we will be able to not only complete your gravel installation project, but can also give you advice and suggestions that may bring out even more than you first believed. Your pathways can be staggered to give the boundaries a blur, which will soften the edges.

If you need gravel installation services in the Olympia, WA area, give us a call at Sure Shot Trucking, LLC and we will get on the project as soon as possible. We have offered premier customer service in the Olympia area for years, and our staff will gladly take on your gravel installation project. Don’t waste time and money renting equipment and spending your weekends trying to get the gravel installed yourself. Call the professionals at Sure Shot Trucking, LLC and we will get the work done to your satisfaction. Give us a call today and we can get right to work.

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