Gravel Delivery in Chehalis

Gravel Delivery in Chehalis

Gravel can be used in a variety of different ways around your home. Many people like to use various types of gravel in flower beds so they can better protect their plants around the home. Gravel can also be used to create parking area for guests when you host family or social gatherings. Gravel can even be used as a less expensive alternative to driveways and paved roads. If you need some gravel to get started on a project around your house, give us a call at and we can handle any gravel delivery needs you have in Chehalis, WA.

At Sure Shot Trucking, LLC, we use all of our own materials, meaning you won’t have to worry about renting machinery or tools to complete your gravel delivery job. We will be able to haul any size load of gravel and deliver that gravel wherever you need it delivered. Whether you need to fill in a lot, patch up some holes, or use the gravel in your landscape, Sure Shot Trucking, LLC can help you out and get you all of the gravel you need to complete the job.


Not only will be deliver your gravel for you, but our conveyor truck will be able to put the gravel delivery right where you need it, evened out and ready to go. You won"t have to use shovels or wheelbarrows to transfer the gravel delivery and get it looking just right. Our conveyor truck will handle all of that for you. Our conveyors will neatly and evenly distribute your gravel delivery so you won"t have any extra work or costs involved. We won"t just dump it onto your property, we will sling it into place. Once we get there, your gravel delivery project will be finished.

Our staff at Sure Shot Trucking, LLC is well-experienced with gravel delivery, and will load the truck and dump the gravel for you no matter where you need it. We strive every day to make sure we offer the premier customer service in Chehalis, and we want you to be completely satisfied with our gravel delivery services. If you need gravel delivery for a project around your home or your business, give us a call and we will deliver your load of gravel in no time at all. We have all the necessary equipment for a complete job.

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