Commercial Landscaping Olympia, WA

Commercial Landscaping Applications

Sure Shot"s conveyor service saves a lot of time and money within a commercial landscaping setting. In most commercial landscaping situations we can unload faster, more efficiently, and more accurately than conventional methods of placing landscaping materials. Difficult commercial jobs such as placing sidewalk grade after curbing has been put in can be done very quickly. Thanks to this system, the days of placing landscaping material one bucket at a time are over. No matter what the commercial landscaping job, Sure Shot Trucking, LLC of Olympia, WA can more than likely be of help. We offer free estimates and will do a free site evaluation for more difficult commercial tasks. Below are just a few of the commercial landscaping applications we can assist with.

Commercial Services

  • Sidewalk Backfill
  • Slab Sub-grade Installation / Cap Break
  • Utility Bedding
  • Erosion Control
  • Pond / Bio-Swale Material Placement
  • Tank Bedding / Abandonment
  • Parking Lot / Roadside Planters
  • Shoulder / Guardrail Rock

Erosion Control

Erosion Control

Placing a thin layer of compost for erosion control is very efficient with our stone slinger.

Bedding Tanks

Bedding Tanks

With the accuracy of our system we can bed tanks without hitting them with gravel. This also eliminates the need to send a man down to tamp the gravel underneath the shoulder of the tank.

Trench Bedding

trench bedding

In the past trench bedding was done with a loader or an excavator one scoop at a time with a lot of shoveling involved. We are placing 12″ of sand over the gas main, then going back and placing about 4″ of sand over power and phone.

Cap Break

cap break

Cap Break? Done!

Pond/Bio Swale

pond bio swale

Pond/ Bio swale soil installation made simple.



Installation of topsoil for future plants.